Who can order from Mammo's?
Basically anyone, corporate or private, big or small.
How do we place an order?
Call 0424 262 156 or email at .

What sort of functions do you cater?
We cater for any functions (birthday party, meetings, etc).

Can we order anytime?
No, sorry, we are not a restaurant.
Please give us at least 1 week to get your order ready.
In some times of the year (especially towards Christmas), we could be very busy that we require you to put at least a month for any orders.

Do you also provide services for daily catering?

Can we order something that is NOT on your menu?
Yes, why not?!?
If there's something that you can't find on the menu list, just contact us for a quote.

Do we have to order the dish as 1 package?
Well, there're only me and my husband so 1 package dish is a bit too much for us.

The minimum order is 1/2 package (usually for 4 people), so it should be enough for 2 servings for both of you.
How about the snacks? What's the minimum number to be ordered?
You can order at least 7 for each item. But please let us know at least 1 week in advanced.
Do you deliver to anywhere in Canberra region?
Yes, although we charge a delivery fee of $5.00 ($10.00 on weekends and public holidays), and minimum order is $50.00
Do you accept orders to be placed on Sundays?
No, we close on Sundays.
But, if you happen to have functions or parties and need catering on Sundays, we can do it with additional surcharge of 20%.
How much is the delivery fee?
For private, it is $5.00 weekdays, and $10.00 on weekends and public holidays.
For corporate (requiring invoice), the fee is $10.00 weekdays, and $20.00 on weekends and public holidays.

How do we pay?
We receive COD (Cash On Delivery) and Bank Deposit

Bank details: ANZ
A/N: H A Nugraha
A/C: 109412439
BSB: 012633